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Contact: Evan H. Bellin, M.D.

Fly to Israel Now and Find your Sobriety in a Unique Therapeutic Community
“If you don’t believe in miracles, you're not being realistic!”

New Rochelle, NY, March 27th, 2017 - Tekuma Recovery Group (, a renowned leader in treating alcohol and drug addiction, gambling addiction, and eating disorders, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year – a decade of helping individuals of all walks of life become addiction free.

Why Israel?
Joining a Therapeutic Community located in Israel is an unusual if not miraculous moment for people living in the English speaking world.  In Israel, they achieve lasting recovery from alcoholism and addictions that have been otherwise enabled by the triggers of Western culture. Achieving emotional balance and freedom from unhealthy dependencies comes from the contrasting social therapeutic processes that are unique to Israeli culture.

Living far from familiar people, places and things, emotional rebirth will occur in a place that has been for other reasons nicknamed “Start-Up Nation.”

After all, ancient Israel was the place where two of the most significant Western religious/cultural movements found their inspiration, both born against difficult odds. More recently and for the past 200 years, the residents of Palestine and the State of Israel have flourished against very difficult odds with the help of a unique social invention, the Kibbutz.

The Kibbutz was founded on the principles of hard work, honest cooperation, and mutual support. It is no wonder that the International Therapeutic Community movement which was founded on the same principles about 50 years ago, found fertile ground in Israeli life. Israel embraced that movement from its very beginning for its uniquely therapeutic approach to the treatment of addiction and also added the twelve steps as a 24/7 foundational way of life.  Becoming part of this Kibbutz-like culture supports the residents’ dropping unhealthy dependencies and reinventing themselves with the encouragement of other resident-mentors and with the guidance of experienced Israeli counselors who are models and products of a society where miracles are a daily reality and absolutely necessary for survival.

Combating addiction, alcoholism and other dependencies is a life-long struggle likewise necessary for survival. An individual’s strength to enter a dynamic state of conflict with both inner and outer triggers and temptations must be founded on a solid core of healthy group identity and spiritual motivation, all of which has proven achievable in Israel.

After evaluating your alcohol, drug, gambling or other compulsions as well as your past attempts to achieve and maintain your recovery from these, Tekuma will recommend you to a therapeutic community in Israel. Once there, Tekuma will continue to monitor your recovery progress and maintain confidential contact with family and significant others until you return home. Contact us for an immediate & free evaluation: 1-914-813-2344.

About Tekuma Recovery Group
Tekuma Recovery Group ( is a renowned leader in treating alcohol and drug addiction, gambling addiction, and eating disorders.

Contact: Evan H. Bellin, M.D.
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