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For an immediate FREE consultation, please call 914-813-2344.

Tekuma Recovery Group evaluates alcohol addiction treatment and drug addiction treatment needs, including gambling and eating disorder treatment needs for people who have become dependent on these compulsive symptoms. Tekuma recommends a unique and specific drug rehab program and alcohol treatment program found only in Israel. We select appropriate applicants to participate in one of several possible unique Therapeutic Communities, where the twelve step drug and alcohol treatment approach is worked around your specific dependency symptoms. In this 24/7 therapeutic milieu, mutual self-help occurs with members of the community acting as one another's "brother's and sister's keepers," and staff acting as role models and rational authorities. Tekuma locates and recommends the exact community that will treat your specific needs.

Though the Tekuma recovery process occurs in Israel, the program is not a traditional or exclusively Jewish drug rehab program. Because Tekuma believes that there is a little bit of Israel in everyone, we welcome members of all faiths, ethnicities, and color. We believe rebirth is a universal process without parochial limitations of any kind.

In the Therapeutic Community, a caring surrogate family is formed that provides a corrective developmental experience and a mirror through which each participant can raise his or her self-awareness in a caring community that gives continuous feedback. The focus in a Therapeutic Community based drug rehab program is on helping individuals to "get in touch" with their feelings and address common asocial personality characteristics, drug-seeking behaviors and dependency needs in general which can lead to compulsive and repetitive destructive interpersonal relationships. In contrast to some other traditional residential drug and alcohol treatment models, participants in a Therapeutic Community based drug rehab treatment program take full responsibility for their compulsive behaviors. They 'do' treatment rather than just passively receiving treatment. Positive peer pressure places the responsibility on the individual to change his or her behavior. Engaging in interpersonal relationships with positive role models supplements the more dependent patient-therapist relationship model.

Tekuma is a Hebrew word that generally means resistance, recovery, revival and resurrection. After the European Holocaust in which six million Jews lost their lives, the word took on special meaning after the miraculous rebirth of the State of Israel.

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Residential Drug Rehab Treatment and Alcohol Treatment

TRG1The Israeli Therapeutic Community is a residential 12-step rehab treatment approach designed for people suffering from chronic dependencies of all types, including drug and alcohol addictions, gambling, eating disorders, and chronically destructive interpersonal relationships which are often referred to as Borderline Personality Disorders. In some cases, all too familiar people, places, and things have undermined everybody's best efforts to achieve and maintain healthy solutions to life's challenges.


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